Leasehold Services & Rent Reviews

Rent Reviews and Lease Renewals

If you are either a landlord or a tenant, when rent reviews and lease renewals for commercial premises come around, you need  experienced help. Our service includes:

  1. rental valuations,
  2. service and response to notices
  3. negotiations with the other parties’ surveyors or valuers,
  4. if necessary, submissions to arbitrators or Independent Experts

They want us to do what?!?!

Dilapidations and Schedules of Condition

Schedules of dilapidations can often be a nasty shock at the end of a tenancy.
Early recognition of possible liabilities is often the most economical way of addressing the situation, and minimising costs.

You may need expert assistance at any stage from preparation of Schedules of Condition at the commencement of a tenancy to skilled negotiation of the Landlords’ claim at the end.